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International Credit Union Day celebrated October 20th  

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President of the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU), Mr. Kris Liburd during his International Credit Union Day Address.



According to Mr. Liburd, there are more than 375 million persons from across 118 countries that are apart of the credit union family and has built more than 86,000 credit unions across the globe.  The global theme for this year is “Empower your Financial Future with a Credit Union”.


He also said that the Credit Union looks forward to welcoming a generation of young members.  He further stated:



International Credit Union Day is celebrated annually on October 20th.


The day is set to raise awareness and celebrate what makes credit unions unique. This year’s theme looks toward empowering members and community to build a better financial future of all credit unions.


In related news,


The voice of Internal Auditor of the Nevis Cooperative Credit Union (NCCU), Ms. Zahvelisia Claxton on Tuesday’s edition of the Let’s Talk Program, outlining the remaining activities in recognition of NCCU’s 50th anniversary jubilee.



The credit union has seen a number of activities beginning on December 2021, in the form of its anniversary’s slogan competition. The winning slogan “Consistency, Financial Security and Serving the Community, Fifty Years of Development and Prosperity” has carried the organization through a year-long of activities.


General Manager of the NCCU, Mr. Sydney Newton also spoke on the growth of the credit union:



Secretary of the St. Kitts and Nevis National Cooperative League and Director of the NCCU, Mrs. Vernicia Walters gave a brief synopsis of the league:


Mrs. Vernicia Walters.