Minister of Fisheries appeals to Fisher-folks to “be considerate”, when fishing

Coming on the heels of cases of fish poisoning here in St. Kitts and Nevis, Minister of Fisheries, the Hon. Alexis Jeffers, mentioned during a Sitting of the Nevis Island Assembly on Thursday, November 5th, that the necessary measures were taken to reduce the possibility of cases. 



Cases were reported last week: St. Kitts currently has 15 confirmed cases of fish poisoning while Nevis has 5. 


As a consequence, the Federal Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Marine Resources issued a Press Release, which stated that the Ministry “has suspended its Fresh Fish Program until the source of the poisoning is discovered.” 


The program is a healthy eating initiative, which was launched in September 2020, whereby one thousand pounds (1000 lbs.) of fish would be sold to Rams Trading Limited.


Minister Jeffers, who is the Federal and local Minister of Fisheries, appealed to the Fisher-folks to be more thoughtful: 


Minister of Fisheries, the Hon. Alexis Jeffers.