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Ministry of Tourism to celebrate Exposition Nevis

The Ministry of Tourism on Nevis is currently engaged in a series of activities in celebration of Exposition Nevis.




According to a statement by Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Tourism, Mr. John Hanley, the annually held initiative is held to showcase the diversity and quality of Nevis and what is has to offer as a destination to not only tourists but the Nevisian public as well.




The ministry often collaborates with a number of community festivals throughout the month of May which promotes the assets, culture and heritage of the island.





Activities of Exposition Nevis will include: Heritage Village Life which is an open day at the Nevisian Heritage Village, the Jessups Seafood Fiesta, the Nevis Tourism Investment Forum, the Exposition Nevis Fun Day at the Malcolm Guishard Recreational Park and the Bank of Nevis Tourism Youth Congress. Activities began on Sunday, April 30th 2023 and end on Saturday, May 27th 2023.