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NCCU’s 50th anniversary: NCCU “exemplary” over the years

As the Nevis Co-operative Credit Union’s (NCCU) continues in its celebrations of Anniversary number 50, several events have been held thus far to mark the milestone.


These include distribution of care packages, a relay competition and a church service. The NCCU opened its bond to the island of Nevis in 1972 and was finally re-registered on 25th July of the same year. Former Premier of Nevis and Pioneer, Mr. Joseph Parry, gave these words during a church service, which formed part of activities for the NCCU, on July 24th.



The Civil Service Co-operative Credit Union (CSCCU) was re-registered as the Charlestown Co-operative Credit Union (CCCU) in 1966. Former president of the CCCU, Melvin Edwards CSM, said:



The theme for the celebrations is ‘Consistency, financial Security & serving the community: 50 years of development and prosperity’