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Nevis records 1st homicide for 2023

Reports reaching the VONNEWSLINE have indicated that a shooting incident occurred on Wednesday Jan. 11th, in Bath Village, Nevis.




It is reported that the incident took place in the vicinity of the Albertha Payne Community Centre.




A spokesperson for the Charlestown Police confirmed the occurrence to the VONNEEWSLINE and said two persons were injured.




Close to 4 pm on Wednesday, lawmen responded to a report that two persons were shot in Bath Village. Investigations have revealed that 45-year-old Javier Charles of Bath Village and 26-year-old Javon Grant were sitting in the vicinity of a bar in Bath Village, when two (2) armed, masked assailants approached and shot at them.




The assailants then fled the scene. Grant collapsed and Charles ran. Both victims were subsequently transported in a private vehicle to the Alexandra Hospital. Grant was pronounced dead upon arrival at the hospital. Charles is currently warded in a stable condition and is being treated for injuries to his neck.




Police are urging persons with information about this incident to contact the Charlestown Police Station by dialing 469-5391.




This is Nevis’ 1st Homicide for 2023.