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Payments under Relief Fund to begin next week

The first payment of monies under the Social Security CoVID-19 Emergency Relief Fund will begin next week and will be made to applications already processed.


The announcement was made by the Senior Minister and Minister of Labour and Social Security, the Hon. Vance Amory.


The senior minister noted that employees at the St. Christopher and Nevis Social Security Board, as well as the Department of Labour, have been working diligently, while the nation is on “Lockdown”, to process claims in an expeditious manner. Claims are still being processed given the robust due diligence checks and the sheer number of applications.


Last week, Minister Amory in an address, gave a brief explanation about the fund.


The Hon. Vance Amory.


This $15 million dollar fund is for all working persons whose income has been directly affected by the CoVID-19 pandemic. These include: Full time and part-time employees who have been laid off, employed but with reduced hours, persons made redundant as a result of the pandemic and registered Self-employed persons, whose income is impacted by the CoVID-19 pandemic.


In partnership with the Labour Department, the Social Security will facilitate the payment of up to EC$ 1,000 monthly for three months in the first instance.