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Road accidents that occurred on Tuesday; police confirms no fatalities recorded in St. Kitts and Nevis

The VON NEWSLINE has received confirmation that there have been no recorded fatalities due to the vehicular accidents which occurred on Nevis on May 30th.




Police has said one accident which occurred on Tuesday, May 30th at Pinney’s involving motor car PA-1714 owned and driven by Joseph Mills of Cotton Ground, and motor jeep PA-4391 owned and driven by Anthony Robins of Jessup’s Village. Preliminary investigations indicate that both vehicles were travelling in the same direction when PA-1714 overtook PA-4391, but was forced to swing back into his lane due to oncoming traffic. This resulted in a collision with the right front end of PA-4391. No injury was recorded.




A traffic accident also occurred at Pump Road involving motor jeep P-3457 owned and driven by Sylvester Liburd of Brown Hill and motor jeep P-263 owned by Kimbio Tyson of Low Street and driven by Lester Parris of Low Street.




Investigations have indicated that motor jeep P-3457 and motor jeep P-263 were travelling along Pump Road in opposite directions when the driver of motor jeep P-263 lost control of the vehicle, collided into motor jeep P-3457, and it overturned.  The occupants of both vehicles were transported to the Alexandra Hospital via ambulance service for observation.



Police also gave details of a traffic accident which occurred on May 30th, in St. Kitts at the roundabout by the Eastern Caribbean Central Bank between the hours of 6AM and 7AM.




The incident involved motor pick-up PA 9663 owned and driven by Wallace Liburd of West Bourne Street and motor van PB 6854 owned and driven by Keisha Warner of Upper College Street Ghaut. Investigations indicate that both vehicles were travelling along the said round about heading in the same direction.




When attempting to exit at Frigate Bay Road, they both collided and motor van PB 6854 overturned and also collided with a utility pole. This resulted in the driver of the motor van sustaining a non-life-threatening injury to the right arm and receiving the necessary medical attention. Further investigations into the incident are ongoing.