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Steve ‘Flamingo’ Reid chosen as Culturama 49 patron

During the Culturama 49 Media Launch on Friday, June 16th, the patron for this year’s celebration was released. Steve Reid also known as ‘King Flamingo’ is the C49 patron and will be honored for his contributions to the development of the festival over the years.




King Flamingo is known for his calypso hits ‘Nevisian Pride’, ‘Sherry-oh-Baby’, ‘Crisis’ and ‘Respect the elders’. He debuted in the Culturama Calypso Competition in 1975 and won the crown. He went on to win his second title in 2002 and a number of runner-up positions throughout his calypso career. He was also known to be among a number of Calypsonians who sang about the somewhat controversial topic of Nevis’ secession from St. Kitts in 1974.




Offering congratulations to the patron was Minister of Culture, Hon. Eric Evelyn:







Mr. Reid has participated on a number of regional platforms, sharing the stage with artists such as Sparrow, Lord Nelson, King Short Shirt and Power.

The Media Launch also saw the release of the Culturama 49 promotional video and official schedule for this year’s celebration.