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Total lockdown in SKN, imminent?

Coming on the heels of St. Kitts and Nevis recording over 400 confirmed cases of Covid-19 to date and over the last five (5) weeks from May 19th to present, SKN recorded around 380 cases, can citizens and residents in the Federation, anticipate another total lockdown?


In March 2020, following our 1st two confirmed cases of Covid-19, SKN went into a State of Emergency (SOE), rules and restrictions were imposed and a total lockdown was implemented, to limit the spread of the disease.


But what about this time around?


On June 24th, 29 cases of Covid-19 were recorded, taking the number to 425 confirmed cases. Of that number, 410 cases are in St Kitts, 15 here on Nevis. There are 324 active cases, 98 recoveries and 3 deaths. Moreover, under the current rules and restrictions, a curfew is in place from 5am to 6pm of every day. But the Statutory Rules & Orders (SR&O’s) are due to expire at 11:59pm on Saturday.


Though many individuals in the general public have told the VONNEWSLINE that a lockdown would be necessary, what is the Federal Government’s standpoint in the interim? Premier of Nevis and Minister of Foreign Affairs in the Federal Cabinet, Mark Brantley, mentioned the Government’s perspective.



Premier Mark Brantley.