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Valary Hendrickson deemed patron of Agri Expo 2024

Mrs. Valary Ermine Hendrickson has been chosen to be the patron for the Ministry and Department of Agriculture’s Agri Expo 2024.




Mrs. Hendrickson known in the wider community as Val, has been involved in agriculture for most of her life doing backyard gardening, floral arrangements as well as fruit baskets. Her most significant contributions to the sector have been through agro-processing. She has been a commercial agro-processor since 2003 after successfully completing a 10-day course in agro-processing at The Caribbean Industrial Research Institute (CARIRI) in Trinidad.




She now owns and operates ‘Val’s Delights’ which offers an array of jams, jellies, wines, juices, pepper sauce, chutneys, dried fruits, pepper vinegar and seasoning.




The Agri Expo will take place on Thursday 21st and Friday 22nd March at the ETW Park. Registration is currently open for all vendors wishing to participate and will close on Friday, March 8th.