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Winners for Poetry Competition announced

The Department of Youth and the Nevis Public Library Service recently held a Poetry Writing Competition for students on the island of Nevis.




The competition was held under the topic ‘Self Love: Embracing my identity’. The initiative was divided into two categories, namely: Primary school aged students: 9 to 11 years and Secondary school aged students: 12 to 16 years.




After the judging of all entries, the top three winners of both categories were chosen and officially announced. For the primary school category say ChajNe Caines of the Charlestown Primary School was awarded first place and Ajani Saddler and Jaiida Gilfillan from the Elizabeth Pemberton Primary received second and third place respectively.




For the secondary category, first place was Rucha Sharma of the Charlestown Secondary School, second place-Khalia Huggins Simmons of the Charlestown Secondary School and 3rd Place – Aminique Chapman of the Gingerland Secondary School.




The winners will all receive cash prizes for their accomplishment