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Alexandra Hospital launches its Emergency Number

The Alexandra Hospital within Nevis’ Ministry of Health and Gender Affairs has introduced a dedicated Emergency number to access the ambulance service.  


This number is 469-3333.


The general public is asked to call 469-3333 in the event of medical emergencies which can include: loss of consciousness, sudden inability to move or speak, sudden confusion, seizures that are not stopping, pain in the chest, difficulty breathing, severe bleeding that is not stopping, severe allergic reactions, severe burns and scalds and other forms of injury. 


According to a Press Release from Nevis’ Ministry of Health, the 469-3333 line is available 24/7 and will connect you directly to Emergency personnel in the Emergency Room, bypassing the switchboard operator.


You will be asked questions to determine the nature of the emergency.


This may include symptoms and medical conditions of the person that needs help.  


You will also be asked the location of the emergency. This may include the street name, directions and landmarks to guide the ambulance to the location where help is needed.  


A contact number will also be requested, in the event that the call is dropped or in case more information needs to be collected.