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Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds “conditionally suspended” from NRP




Leader of the Nevis Reformation Party (NRP) and elected Representative for Nevis #4 (St. James Parish), Hon. Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge, in an address to the people of Nevis on Friday, February 10th.




It is in connection with the ongoing impasse on Nevis, specifically for the Opposition side of the Nevis Island Assembly. The impasse comes in the wake of the Opening Session of the Nevis Island Assembly on Jan. 19th 2023, where Members of Parliament (MP’s) on both the Government and Opposition benches were sworn in. In the Dec. 12th 2022 – Nevis Island Assembly Elections, the Concerned Citizens Movement (CCM) won 3 of the 5 seats, while NRP won 2 seats. Now, what is the issue?




According to Deputy Leader and elected Representative for Nevis #5 (St. Thomas’ Parish), Hon. Cleone Stapleton-Simmonds in an interview earlier this month on Grenada’s WPG 10 channel “what perhaps, is in contention is being able to choose a Senator.” Mrs. Simmonds also told the VONNEWSLINE (and I quote), “neither the leadership of the Opposition, nor the Leadership of the party, is in dispute.” End quote. Dr. Daniel-Hodge stated the following:







NRP’s Leader, Dr. Janice Daniel-Hodge. In her closing remarks, she mentioned that the party remains “resolute”.