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Drivers of separate accidents “fell asleep” while driving, as several accidents occur over the weekend

Several accidents occurred over the weekend in St. Kitts & Nevis, with “sleeping” being the main contributing factor to two separate incidents, according to police.




The first occurred on Saturday July 15th between 7:30am & 8:45am on the island’s main road in the vicinity of the Four Seasons golf course, on Nevis.




The incident involved motor car RA – 1283, a vehicle from Carrie Cars Rental Services which was being driven by Yassor Morgan of Camps and motor car P – 6418, which was being driven by Vernsey Thomas of Bath Village.




Based on information from the authorities, both vehicles were travelling in opposite directions. Mr. Morgan reportedly fell asleep while driving, lost control of his vehicle and collided with Mr. Thomas’ vehicle. There were no reports of injuries but one medical form was issued to Mr. Morgan.




Later on that same Saturday morning (July 15th) between 9am & 9:15am, an accident took place on the Frigate Bay Road, in the area of the TDC Home & Building Depot, St. Kitts. The vehicles were motor van TA – 388, with Howard Warner of Cleverly Hill extension, Sandy Point, as the driver, motor car P – 3841, driving at the time was Yvonne Smithen- Phipps, accompanied by Soleigh Phipps, both of Lime Kiln, Basseterre and motor car PA – 8591, being driven by Robelto Liburd of Nevis accompanied by Kayla Weekes of Tabernacle housing.




All three vehicles were travelling towards the ECCB’s direction with Mr. Warner in front, Ms. Phipps second, and Ms. Weekes third. Mr. Warner and Ms. Phipps came to a stop and Ms. Weekes collided with Ms. Phipps, thereby causing her vehicle to collide with Mr. Warner’s. In terms of injuries, two medical forms were issued to Ms. Phipps and her passenger as both complained of back pain.




Then, on Sunday July 16th, between 3:30am and 4am, an accident occurred in the vicinity of the Anglican Church, Bellevue, St. Kitts. It involved motor truck PA – 7287, which was being driven by Vergil Pollock of Saddlers. Circumstances are that Mr. Pollock reported that he dosed off while driving and woke up when his truck drifted on to the grass verge.




Shortly thereafter, he lost control of the truck and it subsequently overturned. Mr. Pollock complained of pain about the body following the accident. No fatalities were recorded in any of the above-mentioned incidents.