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Further change in price for Unleaded Gasoline

The price of Unleaded Gasoline in St. Kitts and Nevis has changed once again, based on a press release from the Federal Ministry of Finance.




In February, the maximum retail prices at which Unleaded Gasoline can be sold at the respective company’s service stations, were as follows: Delta Service Stations -$14.13 per gallon, while SOL Service Stations- $14.25 per gallon.




As of Saturday Mar. 11th however, the prices are: for Delta Service stations $14.81 per gallon and SOL Service Stations $14.02 per gallon.




But representatives from both Delta and Sol told the VONNEWSLINE that the actual prices at the pump are: $14.01 and $14.02, respectively.



This continual change is brought about by the ongoing Russian invasion of Ukraine, which has caused changes in the price of gasoline and other commodities.