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Local Chef wins scholarship for study in London

Berecia Stapleton of Gingerland, a local chef, is the winner of the Nevis Tourism Authority (NTA) NICHE Culinary Scholarship, which will allow her the opportunity to sharpen her skills with 10 weeks of study in Plant-Based Culinary Arts from June 30th 2023, at the Le Cordon Bleu London, a culinary arts institute specializing in cookery, wine and hospitality management.




Le Cordon Bleu London offers a full 12-month schedule of culinary short courses ranging from two hours to three weeks long, across cuisine, pastry and wine. The scholarship stemmed from a fund created through the Nevis International Culinary Heritage Exposition (NICHE) which was developed in 2007 at the last NICHE festival.




The fund was created for a resident of Nevis to pursue studies in the area of culinary arts at a selected institution. The festival ended in 2010 and has transitioned into the Nevis Mango Festival.




Chef Stapleton, on her return home, will act as a brand ambassador for Nevis in the area of plant-based culinary skill and will be sharing her new knowledge with her students and the wider community.