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Members of the NIA Cabinet Tour New Nevis Animal Speak Facility 

On Thursday, April 7th 2022, Members of the Cabinet of the Nevis Island Administration (NIA) toured the brand new Veterinary and Animal Welfare Center at Nevis Animal Speak.  


Nevis Animal Speak in March 2021, began construction of a Multi-million dollar Veterinary Medical Clinic in Clifton’s Estate, Nevis, to expand the small animal care services it provides. 


According to a Statement made by Premier Brantley “This is a development that the government has supported from its inception … a significant indicator of a country’s development is the care it provides for its animals.” 


Mrs. Janice Jensen, Founder and Director of Nevis Animal Speak, said the expansion of the facility in March became necessary as the demand for animal care and veterinary services has increased exponentially over the years. 


Members of Cabinet while touring the facility, learned of the technology and professional care of animals is now available.  


Mr. Brantley also added “In addition there is an extensive pet store where a wide variety of products is available. It was especially satisfying to meet the local staff working at this new facility.”  


Nevis Animal Speak provides low-cost health care for dogs and cats with a focus on population control through spaying, neutering and the continuing of education to clients through best practices in small animal care.