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Rams Trading Ltd. issues alert on suspected counterfeit alcoholic Beverages

Rams Trading Ltd. has issued a stern warning in a press release relating to a number of suspected counterfeit or fake and decoded alcoholic Beverages.




The company says it has come to their attention that there is a rising trend in St. Kitts and Nevis and such practices must be stopped immediately.




It says that Counterfeit or fake, and decoded alcoholic beverages pose serious health risks and falls in the category of illegal activities.




“Alcohol produced by a third party illegally bearing an established brand and therefore appearing to be a genuine product. Counterfeit or fake alcoholic beverages may sometimes be produced by unregulated distillers and can contain harmful substances such as methanol, industrial chemicals, and even toxic levels of alcohol. Consumption of these substances can lead to severe health issues, including blindness, organ failure and even death.”

In sensitizing the public, Rams says to decode is to intentionally remove manufacturers’ lot codes from genuine products to hide their origin and to compromise brand owners’ ability to trace products through supply chains and it is considered a form of product tampering. Decoded stock is untraceable and restricts the ability of brand owners to run efficient targeted recalls, should they be required, including for reasons of public safety.




The company says that it will only purchase alcoholic beverages from reputable retailers, licensed stores, and authorized distributors. In protecting oneself, persons can ask the bars and restaurants where they buy their alcoholic beverages and where possible, business owners can verify the authenticity of the product through proper labelling, seals, and packaging. They can also look for the manufacturers’ lot code on each bottle. If persons come across any suspicious behaviour or suspect the sale of counterfeit or decoded alcoholic beverages, you are asked to report it to the relevant authorities immediately.