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“Some Churches” here on Nevis “not complying” with COVID-19 Regulations

An unspecified number of Churches here on Nevis, are not complying with the current COVID-19 Regulations that govern St. Kitts and Nevis, in this COVID-19 pandemic. 


Member of Nevis’ COVID-19 Task Force and Superintendent, Lyndon David, had this to say:


Superintendent, Lyndon David.


According to the current COVID-19 Regulations, (Section 8 Wearing masks outdoors): “Notwithstanding the provisions of the Small Charges Act, Cap. 4.36, a person shall wear a face mask, covering their nose and mouth, when in a public place, once a period of emergency is declared in relation to COVID-19.”


However, if a person does not wear a mask, a fixed penalty notice issued by a police officer in accordance with the Regulations shall be lawful notice that the person is charged with the commission of an offence and that a complaint will be made against that person in respect thereof requiring him or her to either pay the fixed penalty of five hundred dollars within ten business days or to appear at the court specified in the notice on the day and at the hour stated therein to answer the said complaint.