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SKNLP supporters stage Protest outside Prime Minister’s Office

On Monday 17th February, SKNLP supporters staged a protest outside the Prime Minister’s office at Church Street, Basseterre St Kitts, one day after the anniversary celebrations of the Team Unity Administration’s fifth year in office.

It is believed that the protests are due to the fact that election has not yet been called. The last general elections were held in 2015.

The VONNEWSLINE spoke with Deputy Leader of the SKNLP Hon Marcella Liburd who gave the comment regarding the protests.

According to the SKN constitution, an election shall be held within 90 days of the first sitting of the new parliament.

Therefore the current administration has until August 2020 to call the elections. 

Though no official date has been revealed, Prime Minister Dr. the Hon. Timothy Harris during last week’s sitting of parliament, expressed his confidence that his administration will serve a second term when elections are held.

The Hon. Timothy Harris.